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Full automatic high speed flexo printing slotting rotary die cutting link line

Full automatic high speed flexo printing slotting rotary die cutting link line

Full automatic high speed flexo printing slotting rotary die cutting link line

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Use and Characteristics:
◆ Integrated CNC control system, trouble-shooting, production management,remote maintenance.
◆ Quick printing plate mounting, motorized phase zero.
◆ Powerful dust remover, with anti-static bar, centralized dust collection, less ECT loss.
◆ High precious transfer structure with ceramics vacuum transfer wheel, good registration accuracy.
◆ Creasing-slotting unit, prevent creasing line from bursting,better folding.
◆ Counter ejector with down stacking.
◆ Choose international brand electric components and transfer bearings,pass CE certification

Folding gluing unit
◆ Constant temperature gluing system with big gluing wheel, reticulation gluing, motorized control glue wheel position.
◆ High rigid folding beam, ensure folding precision and high speed stability.
◆ Guide-way linear movement, high rigid beam fixed on the ground.
◆ Elastic wheel, motorized pneumatic adjust gap, smooth transfer.
◆ Folding finalize wheel correct fish tail, gap motorized control.
◆ Folding belt motorized driven, correct folding difference


Plicing unit
◆ CNC linkage control, convenient and quick adjustment. The elastic guide wheel device, the upper and lower belts are clamped for transmission.
◆ Multiple chip removal device: wind knife, brush, electric roller brush, good effect except chip.
◆ The constant temperature adjustable glue system has constant glue temperature and ensures the best adhesion characteristics.
◆ Net hole type paste wheel system, gluing stability, rubber control amount, position electric control. 
Count-ejector unit:

◆ High speed down counting stacking, prevent box smear ing.
◆ Side squiring, pneumatic plat push.
◆ Several servo driven, high efficiency counting stacking.
◆ Count-ejector unit lateral move motorized control.

Strapping unit:
◆ Adapt to automatic strapping after automatic stitching.
◆ Reduce rely on manpower, replace workers.
◆ Work is compact, no need human intervention.
◆ Carton boxes after strapping are mouth tight and solid, no rebound, less sticky box edge breakage, etc
◆ Less workers, higher speed, 2 ~ 4workers less than ordinary strapping machine, 10 to 20 workers less than manual strapping.
◆ Suitable for exported packaging, environmental packaging, such as drinks box, beer case, instant noodles box, ceramic tile box, these high class packaging carton boxes.

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